Saturday, June 11, 2011

Message to the leaders in Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Thailand, Cambodia, Israel and Palestine.

You did not know me. I am just 1 of millions of people saddened by the humanitarian tragedy that happened in your country. The longer the death toll is growing. Stop killing each other. Have mercy on the children who lost fathers. Have mercy on the parents who lost children. Stop war. 

Many problems in our lives. Natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty. Do
not coupled with the war. I believe the war could be deterred. if you want. Stop War

why do not we help each other as fellow human beings ...?

Are we born to hate each other ..? To kill each other ..? I believe not So .... Stop war.

Let us reflect for a moment. War always leaves a lasting wound. War is not typical of us as human beings. War is an animal instinct.                           We are fellow human beings who should love each other…?

Stop War…! For the sake of future generations.  loving generation Not a full generation of animosity and hatred. Generation of us all. human generations. Listen to your own heart. pure heart. heart who longed for peace. 

God would bless you