Monday, March 28, 2011


Pict by. Bob willits

When we walk with a gun or knife in our shirt, or bags, we might think to protect ourselves, if there are obstacles in the future. But without our conscious, we also have to prepare themselves for battle.

In contrast, if we go without a weapon. 
When there is a problem, maybe we try to negotiate. Remembering 'our powerlessness', or we will run away if the negotiations do not find a way out.

The existence of weapons that we hide, tend to make us brave, even feels stronger, or belittle other parties that we consider to hinder our journey. 
Just a little pride we feel abused, we will issue a weapon. Maybe at first to intimidate. But when that intimidated though challenging, would not want us to use these weapons.

Thus conditions that occurred in each State. 
All felt the need to 'protect yourself'. At first with small arms. But seeing the other party also has the same weapon, it created a more sophisticated weapons, to be more easily win the battle. On and on.Eventually, unconsciously, we are creating the cold war, or psy war.  And finally, there was a war. Just because a trivial issue. But the victim Millions of civilians who have never understood why the war should be conducted.

Had we been aware that the making of weapons of mass destruction is not the best thing for peace.

Time has made a lot of people get smart and wise. 
But strangely we still often fuss over the issue of 100 centimeter of land, which ended with the deaths of millions of people who should be protected. We often claim each other on an island, which should end with the destruction and misery. Where the properties of our humanity ...? Why self-esteem as more important than the love sweetheart ....?

Really proud of us cry when people we love back from the battlefield with the bodies were destroyed in the coffin ... ..?

If there are millions of people with dedication and spirit of never give up trying to protect extinction Panda, Penguin, Koala, Komodo, and thousands of other rare animals, why we do not have a greater passion to avoid war ...?

When a disaster stricken country, the whole world mourn and weep. 
Trying to help to lighten the load. ..Is not it beautiful? Is not that a sign, that we love each other as fellow human beings ?  But why are we making weapons to destroy each other, if we truly love each other ..?
Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Korea, Africa, Palestine, Israel, England, Ireland, France,Germany, Afghanistan, Russia, and the whole world. Stop the war ....!

let the UN and NATO open the eyes and hearts. stop the war ...

Let us holding hands, hearts united to reject war and viol

God Bless You

sory, I can’t writing English good. But I do my best for finished this letter

To anyone who happens to read this post, and have acces to all world leaders, I hope, presumably to forward this message to them. Thank you