Wednesday, March 23, 2011


From stupid boy in Manado, Indonesia

At first I hesitated to write this. But my heart never stopped pressing me.

I am concerned with the war until the era of technology, still continue to occur

I do not expect to be a hero from what I'm doing this. Because the only one I hope through this letter just STOP WAR IN THE WORLD

O world leaders, I believe that deep down inside you, there is something grand and noble, which makes you a leader. Leaders who missed the  people, to always bringpeace, and believe in goodness.

I do not understand about politics, self-esteem Nations, or sovereignty. But I believe that eliminating the lives of others will not make us better. Quite the opposite. I believe, that the pride of a nation do not have to be built by war.
If only we would honestly ask our consciences are tender and sublime, what we gain from a victory in the war? Self-esteem and pride of a nation? Impossible. Because self-esteem and pride is just an idea. An abstract concept that is not shaped

(When we cry over the children, brother, sister, father, friend, or husband who died while fighting, the same cries were heard from those who we're fighting)

We know that war never provides any benefit to humanity. Wars always leave the anguish and pain that never dropped out from generation to generation

Did not we learn from history, that peace was never successfully taken by the war.Kindness and compassion was the one who will absorb the crime it self.

O world leaders, into your hands is given the power to become the trigger of war, or peace torch bearers. Choose the consideration of kindness and compassion. Was not easy, but surely there's always a way out.

War is not an option. But the greatest defeat in our human journey episode. War is only the fruit of fear to overcome fear. A false lies that manipulate our fragility as human beings.

There will always be evil people on this earth. But by eliminating them, we not only make ourselves more evil, but also spread the birth of revenge, which will grow as new crimes are more severe. War-affected children know exactly that.

Crime can never move forward if it hinders his movement united kindness.

Really, I felt was inappropriate to advise you. But I pleaded. As is my prayer to God Rev. Do it with all the strength that you have to prevent war. Everywhere. In our world together.

May God Be Bless You All

I’m very sory, because I can’t writing English Well. But I do my best for finished this letter
To anyone who reads this post, and have acces to all world leaders, I hopepresumably to forward this message to them. Thank you